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April 2018

KSLP mental health volunteer Tarik Endale and partners at Kissy psychiatric hospital featured in a special report in the Economist. The special report, by John McDermott, focuses on global mental health and is part of a series on global mental health. Read more: https://econ.st/2I8PWk9

January 2018

Our former director Dr Oliver Johnson shared his experience on BBC World Service show The Compass. The programme also features a current medical student at our partner institution COMAHS. You can listen here: https://t.co/BhKdsldvYI

November 2016

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy profiled Physiotherapist Charmi Lathia, who is working alongside the country’s only two qualified physios in Freetown’s tertiary Connaught Hospital, with the aim of building capacity and support for the tiny physiotherapy department.

October 2016

Emergency Physicians International published an article co-written by former KSLP Emergency Medicine volunteers Ling Harrison and Richard Lowsby, and Connaught Resident Medical Officer Dr Mark Sesay that gives a fantastic overview of post-Ebola emergency care in Sierra Leone.

September 2016

The Evening Standard has named former KSLP Programme Director Oliver Johnson one if London’s 1000 most influential people in 2016.

August 2016

The BBC’s Tulip Mazumdar returns to Sierra Leone two and a half years after Ebola was declared an International Emergency to see the progress at Connaught Hospital. You can see the full video clip here.

June 2016

Quoted in the Correspondent, Anna Walder explains how Sierra Leone is starting to chip away at the 95% mental health “treatment gap”

The King’s Sierra Leone Partnership “gave the international community a foothold at the outset of the crisis” says the New Statesman

May 2016

Oliver Johnson and Colin Brown publish an article in the Sierra Leone Telegraph about the impact of Ebola on Sierra Leone’s health system

February 2016

King’s Health Partners covered the ceremony during which a number of current and former KSLP volunteers were awarded Ebola Medals for Service in West Africa.

November 2015

Francis Kaikumba is quoted in the Guardian about Sierra Leone reaching 42 days Ebola-free

September 2015

Oliver Johnson speaks to the Guardian about a “generational opportunity” to strengthen Sierra Leone’s health system

The Evening Standard names Oliver Johnson one of London’s most influential people in 2015

July 2015

SwitSalone quotes Naomi Walker in its press release about identifying Ebola cases

June 2015

KSLP nurse Will Pooley has been made an MBE for his work during the Ebola outbreak, reports the BBC

March 2015

Oliver Johnson is quoted in the Guardian about Ebola as an early wake-up call of the potential for an international health disaster

The Guardian names the King’s Sierra Leone Partnership winners of the International Projects category of its 2015 University Awards

Oliver Johnson is quoted in the Guardian about new diagnostic kits for detecting Ebola

January 2015

Dr Oliver Johnson quoted in The New Yorker

Dr Jeri Sumitani shares her second blog post on WebMD Health News

Will Pooley talks to Eddie Mair on BBC 4

Dr Paul Arkell, Dr Sakib Rokadiya and Dr Colin Brown published in Tropical Doctor

December 2014

William Pooley interviewed by Radio Times

Nurse Natalie Mounter talks to the Southern Daily Echo

Dr Neil Studd featured in the Daily Gazette

Dr Ling Harrison featured in the Evening Standard

Dr Neil Studd featured in the Dunmow Broadcast

Dr Jeri Sumitani shares her first blog post on WebMD Health News

November 2014

Volunteer Nurse Natalie Mounter reports to the Bassingstoke Gazette on her experience working on the response

Dr Felicity Fitzgerald’s third blog entry on the Telegraph

The Times profiles some of our volunteers working on the Ebola response in various roles

William Pooley interviewed by BBC in Freetown

Oliver Johnson comments to the Washington Post

Dr Stacey Mearns presents her third video diary for BBC

Dr Felicity Fitzgerald’s second blog entry on the Telegraph

Dr Felicity Fitzgerald’s first blog entry on the Telegraph

British Medical Journal’s second blog by Dr Colin Brown

Dr Stacey Mearns featured in the Isle of Man Today

Nurse Andy Hall featured in the Kent Messenger

British Medical Journal’s first blog by Dr Colin Brown

Dr Stacey Mearns presents her second instalment of a video diary on BBC Africa

Dr Marta Lado quoted in the Guardian

BBC World Service audio diary featuring Dr Ling-Hooi Harrison. (Listen at 6.50)

Dr Naomi Walker and Dr Oliver Johnson interviewed in The Times

October 2014

Dr Oliver Johnson comments to The Guardian on the international response around Ebola

Dr Oliver Johnson quoted in the New Yorker in a piece about the challenges of managing pregnant patients.

Dr Colin Brown tells Action Aid the three things we must do right now to stop Ebola

Dr Stacey Mearns presents the first entry of her video diary on BBC News online

Dr Oliver Johnson calls for the NHS to free up medical staff to support the response in this Sky News report

The Postgraduate Medical Journal publishes Dr Colin Brown’s paper ‘Ebola Virus Disease: where are we now and where do we go?

The Norfolk Eastern Daily reports on Paramedic Pete Simpson before his departure to Freetown

Nurse Andy Hall talks to Channel 4 News at the Macauley Street Clinic

The Basingstoke Gazette reports on volunteer nurse Natalie Mounter’s arrival in Freetown and experience on the Isolation Ward.

Oliver Johnson and Will Pooley included in the Evening Standard’s 1000 most influential Londoners.

The Independent reports on Will Pooley’s return to Freetown

BBC reports on Will Pooley’s return to Freetown

Will Pooley’s return to Sierra Leone reported in The Guardian

King’s welcomes Will Pooley to the team in Freetown, read our statement here.

Dr Oliver Johnson gives an extensive interview from Sky News London studios.

Dr Colin Brown talks to BBC News Night in London

Our statement on the withdrawal of Gambia Bird flights directly from the UK to Sierra Leone is available here.

In this Deutsche Welle audio interview, Dr Oliver Johnson discusses the evolving outbreak and what is needed to address this response.

Time looks at the risk faced by health care workers who are working in Ebola wards with comments from King’s volunteer Clare Parsons

Volunteer nurse Natalie Mounter interviewed on BBC Radio Berkshire

Dr Oliver Johnson appeared on BBC news and talks about the realities of caring for Ebola patients.

Dr Oliver Johnson talks about the role of King’s in the Ebola response in the  Evening Standard

September 2014

The National (Abu Dhabi) reports on the outbreak across west Africa with comments from Dr Oliver Johnson

Basingstoke Gazette interviews Nurse Natalie Mounter about her decision to join the King’s team and work on the Ebola response

Al Jazeera reports from Freetown after the national lock down with comments from Dr Ahmed Seedat

The Sunday Times reports from Freetown during the national lock down with comments from Dr Oliver Johnson

Deutsche Welle reports on the national lock down with comments from Dr Oliver Johnson

Al Jazeera reports from Freetown on the national  lock down with comment from Dr Marta Lado

Dr Oliver Johnson comments on the nationwide lock down and the evolving Ebola response in Freetown in this New York Times report

An interview with Dr Oliver Johnson on Australian Broadcasting Commission Radio National commenting on the lock-down in Sierra Leone, please click here

The third Ebola audio diary by Dr Oliver Johnson on Radio 4’s The World Tonight, please click here

King’s Programme Director, Dr. Oliver Johnson, spoke to the New Internationalist about NGOs, the Ebola response and the future of the health system in Sierra Leone.

The second instalment of Dr. Johnson’s audio diary for Radio 4’s The World Tonight can be found below

August 2014

Click here for our statement on nurse William Pooley, the UK citizen who has tested positive for Ebola Viral Disease. Our communications consultant, Jo Dunlop, met him a few weeks ago and her impressions can be found at this Guardian piece. Dr. Oliver Johnson gave an interview about William to Radio 4’s World at One, which can be found here. KSLP will be making no further statement on this.

Dr. Oliver Johnson is contributing to a weekly podcast on the realities of Ebola Viral Disease in Sierra Leone for Radio 4. You can listen to the first instalment below.

King’s Clinical Lead, Dr. Marta Lado, was featured in a Washington Post report on a visit to Freetown by new Senior United Nations System Coordinator for Ebola Virus Disease, David Nabarro.

Dr. Oliver Johnson gave an in-depth interview to the German broadcaster DW on Thursday 14th August about the realities of living and working in the middle of the Ebola outbreak:

Dr. Johnson was live on Canadian News channel CTV News on the evening of 1st August. Watch his insightful take on the efforts of the international community and the urgent need for more supplies here.

CNN have also published Dr. Johnson’s account of heading up a team that is on the ground during this response, available here.

Dr. Johnson discussed reports of patients’ responses to isolation in a short BBC News video report.

King’s Communications Consultant, Jo Dunlop, visited one of the centres of the outbreak in Kenema at the beginning of August, and provides her personal reflections on her blog.

Dr. Johnson talked to the BBC World Service’s Outside Source programme and answered some questions submitted by the public on Twitter on the 5th August.

Dr. Johnson has spoken to or featured in a range of other media outlets over the last few weeks, which you can find a selection of below:

July 2014

Dr. Johnson gave a fascinating interview to Channel 4 News on 30th July as part of their coverage of the death of  Dr. Sheik Umar Khan. You can find the coverage on the Channel 4 website, or watch his interview below.

Dr. Johnson also gave an interview to the BBC World Service Newsday programme on the 3oth, which can be found here and he has contributed a glowing tribute to Dr. Khan in a BBC profile, available here.

KSLP Clinical Lead Dr. Marta Lado was invited on to World Have Your Say on the BBC World Service discuss the Ebola response in Sierra Leone on 30th July. The podcast is an interesting discussion with a range of people involved, and Dr. Lado’s contributions can be found at 6:20, 20:18 and 28:00, available here.