Research is a critical component of KSLP and we believe that both undergraduate and postgraduate students can play an important role in this. Students can learn a lot from these experiences and also make a valuable contribution to our work.

KSLP uses research to:

  • collect baseline data (to inform our interventions and allow us to demonstrate impact)
  • evaluate our interventions
  • strengthen the international knowledge base

A core belief of KSLP is that our research must be done in an ethical, sustainable and locally driven way. This means that we always try to ensure that:

  • it is based on locally-identified research priorities
  • local supervisors are meaningfully involved in designing and overseeing the research
  • local students are equal partners in designing and conducting the research
  • it contributes towards a broader KSLP programmatic theme, rather than standing alone
  • it contributes to the KSLP aim of building research capacity
  • ethical implications are carefully considered and local research ethics is obtained
  • the outcomes of the research project are disseminated locally