The aim of the King’s Sierra Leone Partnership’s dentistry work is to develop needs-led human resource planning for oral health in low income countries using Sierra Leone as a case study.

Swapnil Ghotane and Dr Patric Don Davies, Principal Dental Surgeon at Connaught Hospital

Qualitative interviews were conducted in Feb-March 2016 exploring the views of key players (dentists, other health workers and government officials) in Sierra Leone on the oral health needs of the population and how they may be met and the implications for building a sustainable future dental workforce.

The partnership is planning of an epidemiological survey for children and adults within all four regions of Sierra Leone to explore the normative oral health needs in line with global and UK national survey methodologies.

The oral health work is led from the UK by Professor of Oral Medicine, Stephen Challacombe, former Dean for External Affairs for the Health Schools and for King’s Health Partners and Professor Jennifer Gallagher MBE, Newland Pedley Professor of Oral Health Strategy, Head of Population and Patient Health, and Honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health at King’s College London. The work is also supported by Swapnil Ghotane, BDS, MSc DPH, DDPH. For further information contact or