Critical Care and Surgery

The King’s Sierra Leone Partnership (KSLP) is working with local partners to strengthen surgical and critical care capacity in Connaught Hospital and across Sierra Leone. Our volunteers work with partners in the hospital and in the operating theatre to assess and respond to local on-the-ground issues and to collaboratively develop new solutions.

KSLP’s Dr Ruth with Connaught’s Oxygen unit team. After several months of dedicated hard work by engineers, technicians and nurses at Connaught Hospital, oxygen was piped to patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the first time in September 2015.

KSLP supported Connaught Hospital staff to improve surgery and critical care through:

  • Providing training to nurse anaesthetists to become specialised anaesthetic technicians
  • Restoring the hospital’s oxygen factory so that it is capable of providing piped oxygen supply to the hospital
  • Piloting the Sierra Leone Early Warning Scores System (SLEWS) to alert doctors to patients needing most urgent attention. This program is supported by the introduction of the Sierra Leone Emergency Response and Treatment Courses (SLERTS) to support learning, implementation, and uptake of the system
  • Supporting and sustaining standards required to achieve West African College of Surgery (WACS) Accreditation for postgraduate surgical residency training. This involves continuous professional development and training standards such as regular Mortality and Morbidity meeting, grand rounds, morning handover meetings, journal clubs and Pathology meetings
  • Supporting evaluation and improvement of existing pathology services i.e. peer to peer Pathologist support and development and training for technicians and assistants for on bench and managerial laboratory issues

This work is led from Sierra Leone by Dr Janitha Gowribalan ( and from the UK by Dr Ruth Tighe.