The Ebola outbreak may have ended, but we still need your support.


Two years on from the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone we continue to work with local partners to train more doctors and nurses to ensure the Sierra Leonean health system can tackle diseases like Ebola, HIV and Cholera. By donating today, you will be helping provide healthcare workers with the sustainable skills they need to save lives, not just today, but for years to come.

Donations are essential in continuing our critical work in Sierra Leone:

  • £10 will fund one or our volunteers to provide an hour of teaching for 40 Sierra Leonean medical students
  • £20 will purchase vital pieces of equipment for Connaught Hospital’s newly refurbished A&E department
  • £45 will provide one patient with 24 hours of lifesaving emergency health care
  • £50 will support a month’s worth of essential training sessions for postgraduate doctors
  • £100 will provide a year’s worth of internet connectivity in one of the Connaught Hospital offices so staff can have access to necessary research and training resources
  • £130 will cover the cost of lectures and exams for 25 nurse anaesthetists to complete a certified Diploma course
  • £500 will fund a refresher course on Ebola outbreak protocols for 50 frontline health workers.

Our programme activities rely on donations and volunteer support from the King’s College London community and beyond.

We need your help in order to continue our critical work.

Please donate online today.

Please make any cheques payable to King’s College London, and send to our London address. We cannot bank cheques made out to King’s Sierra Leone Partnership or any variant of this name.