The Laboratories: a Perfect Representation of Both History and Change at Connaught Hospital

“Let me show you… So you take this cartridge, be very careful not to touch or damage the barcode when you put the sample in, otherwise it won’t scan. Then, we put 1ml from this vial in the cartridge and then place it in chlorine for 20 minutes. This kills anything from the sample that’s on the outside of the cartridge so when we put it in the machine it’s the deactivated virus being scanned.” We are in the laboratory department at Connaught Hospital and our colleague Mohamed is demonstrating how he uses the newly installed GenExpert machine donated by WHO to screen surgery patients for Ebola. This test, which takes only 90 minutes to process, can have a dramatic impact on the safety of both the surgeon and patients.

Mohamed demonstrating laboratory techniques

The laboratory department is a perfect representation of Connaught’s history and change in progress. In one room sits the original Microtome machine from when the hospital was opened in 1912; it is still processing histopathology samples (sectioning) to test for conditions like cancerous or malignant cells.  In another room, Mohamed is running the fully modern GenExpert machine to screen patients for Ebola and HIV, as well as other infectious diseases.

KSLP Labs Coordinator Billy in the Connaught Hospital Labs

Through Sierra Leone’s post Ebola recovery plan, we expect that the way labs operate will continue to undergo substantial changes. Billy, KSLP’s lab co-ordinator, will be working with the Labs team to drive improvements to help navigate this process.