A Passion for Nursing – Connaught Hospital Matron Isatu Kamara

Since she was a little girl she had Connaught Hospital relies on its team of dedicated nurses to keep functioning. Isatu Kamara, or as we all know her as “Matron,” has been at the helm of this team since 2014.

Since she was a little girl she had “the passion to become a nurse.” She started her career as a Registered Nurse at Connaught so she knows all the “nooks and crannies of Connaught.” She left Connaught to continue her career working in Kambia Government Hospital, Ola During Children’s Hospital, and Kabala Government Hospital. Before returning to her home at Connaught, she had been the Matron of Kenema Government Hospital for three years. She uses her extensive managerial and technical experience to ensure that the highest quality of nursinc care is available to all patients. 

When asked if she has advice for future nurses, her answer is that “you should be willing to perform, you should have the capacity to perform and have the opportunity to perform.” A strong enabling environment is particularly important to Matron who explains that “if we have the basic equipment, skills and motivation then the enabling environment is there for nurses to perform.”

Matron is very proud of the recent changes to the hospital, especially the cleanliness of the wards after the recent IPC training that has been conducted. “Connaught Hospital is such a different place, I encourage all people, partners and staff to make the most of the facilities available such as the Oxygen factory, the A&E Department and the Infectious Disease Unit.