42 Days Ebola Free

Today is a day for celebrations, as Sierra Leone achieves its goal of 42 days without a new case of Ebola.

Throughout the epidemic, we have been privileged to work alongside and learn from our partners as they have responded to this challenge. Congratulations are due to all the health care workers of Sierra Leone who faced personal danger as they worked ceaselessly to stem the outbreak. Your bravery and dedication during this period has been inspiring.

isolationwardWe commend the Government of Sierra Leone for their leadership and management of the crisis. We look forward to working together in the recovery process to build a strong and resilient health care sector.

King’s Sierra Leone Partnership would also like to give a special thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters, who offered such amazing support during this time, both in Sierra Leone and abroad.

Ebola don don, leh wi take am so

Ebola is gone, let us keep it this way.